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Our modern fitness club has 4 indoor fitness studios and 1 outdoor fitness area with group fitness activities all days of the week. Furthermore, we also have 1 heated pool and 1 deep diving pool in our Swim Center that offers a wide range of classes. Our fitness area is open 24 hours a day, and we offer group fitness classes from early morning to late night in our studios. Thus, we have something for everyone, regardless of taste or timing. Children aged 10-15 may train in fitness with the parents signaturee, this applies only to Cardio machines. Please note that DGI Huset Herning is through the organization DGI, a member of Antidoping Denmark.


In DGI Huset Herning you can choose between

more than 100 different classes during a regular training week

”Udsigtsstuen” is the smallest of our fitness studios. It is mainly used for different kinds of yoga, BODYFLOW®, Pilyo toning, Roll out, Mobility and ball workouts - classes with a soft atmosphere supported perfectly by the bright studio at the top of the house and the amazing view over the city of Herning.

”Rytmesalen” is our second largest fitness studio and is primarily used for classes such as Zumba, SH’BAM®, Boxing and Toning – classes with lots of joy and energy set off by the red look of the studio.

Bevægelsessalen” is our biggest studio. The floors have all the regular lines for different kinds of ball games and therefore, the studios can be used for badminton, floor hockey, volley ball, indoor football and lots of other sports.
This studio is also the home of the majority of our LESMILLS® concept classes that require a lot of freedom of movement such as BODYATTACK®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYJAM®, BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP®, CXWORX® and GRIT STRENGTH®. Thus, with our 10 different programs, we offer a wide and varied range of concept classes, which release new music, choreographies and exercises every 3 months. Therefore, the workouts are always fully up to date with the newest trends and research.
Also, the studio has a large climbing wall, which is used for both private classes as well as regular classes for everyone to book.
Finally, this studio is the home of or extremely popular late morning classes such as Senior Toning and Toning.

Indoor Cycling has 29 bikes and is located with a gorgeous view of the Swim Center. We offer cycling classes with a number of different levels of difficulty in a nicely chilled studio – nothing will come between you and your next fitness level.
We also offer LESMILLS® concept cycling class called RPM®.
Thus, there are lots of possibilities and no excuses for not getting started with Indoor Cycling. We have classes suited for every taste and every fitness level.

“Tagterrassen” is our outdoor fitness area and home of our indoor FMA area mainly used for classes like Roof Fit. Roof Fit is an intense workout, which focuses on both cardio and strength exercises. The workout is very versatile and changes from class to class. The workout is mainly based on functional exercises inspired by weightlifting, gymnastics and other sports. We have a wide variety of equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Trx, roman rings, pull up stands, boxes for box jumps, skipping ropes and lots more. Great instructors will drive, motivate and assist you during the entire workout in order to ensure that both new and experience Roof Fitt’ers make the most of their workout.

The Fitness area is located on the first floor. The majority of the equipment is for cardio exercises such as treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, and rowing machines. But, we also have exclusive EasyLine machines for circuit training located with an amazing view of the Swim Center’s pools and the café/reception area. Please note that many of our Technogym machines are handicap-friendly.
Furthermore, we also offer classes in Circuit Training in order for you to get that extra motivation and encouragement needed to optimize your workout.

The Swim Center has 4 pools – 2 of these are used for group fitness. In the heated pool, we offer classes like Senior Workout and Warm Water Workout, while the deep diving pool is the home of our more challenging Deep Water Aqua classes. It doesn’t require a special membership to use the Swim Center. All members are free to sign up for all our water classes.

In conclusion, our training schedule is not static. It is upgraded and updated as new class types and new equipment come along. Generally, we take pride in upholding continuous development. We see it as our first job to maintain the novelty value in order to keep our members inspired to reach their fitness goals.

Workout classes

Workout classes

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Kids classes

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